Most people want to live purposefully and get the most out of life; however, wanting and getting are not the same. Staying healthy and understanding the importance of whole body wellness is very important. Many of you are tired of non stop doctor visits, harmful drugs, and still having no answers. At Russell Distribution we want to give you back those pieces of your life you may have thought too never retrieve.


At Russell Distribution our sole goal is to help people live a purposeful and healthy life. We provide a helping hand making a significant difference to our customers by:

*Promoting whole body wellness to prevent debilitating sickness

*Providing noninvasive drug-free tools to support health and well being

*Offering non-drug approaches to restoring lives that that are limited by impairments due to chronic disease

The researchers at Russell Distribution work alongside doctors, nutritional specialists, nutritional supplement manufacturers and medical device manufacturers to develop optimal approaches to improve people's lives. We offer our products and services directly to consumer and to the health care professionals who work to improve the lives of their patients.


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