About Us

With our many years of experience in the light therapy industry, we have always dreamed of helping people with severe cognitive therapy and traumatic brain injury conditions. We have fostered great relationships with various companies who supplement the mind and brain but we always saw an absence of true rehabilitation for the brain. We have always been on the lookout for a true ‘tool' for home use whereby someone can repair brain injury rather than just prevent it.

At the age of 18, Michael (Beeben) Russell owned and operated his own company in the sales, distribution and marketing of LED light therapy and Lasers. Having built a successful distributorship with top sales, and top rental awards, Beeben mentored new dealers on how to build a successful dealership. He developed and implemented a model �€"Showcase Dealership" in order to mentor new dealers on how to maintain an operational dealership, set up day-to-day management processes, showcased Seminar setups and processes and provided overall guidance on Developing and Building your Dealership.

Taking all of knowledge Beeben Russell applied this to working with clinics. He learned how to put together multi step approach protocols. Clinic application, marketing, system processes and clear revenue streams for clinics. Taking the headache away from incorporating new programs into already busy clinics.

Beeben has researched advancements and taken place in clinical research. With this knowledge he has worked with engineers to build light devices with specific wave lengths, frequency, and power outputs to access specific outcomes with light therapy.

Beeben has conducted education and training sessions of light therapy in hospital situations along with directly to Medical Professionals, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and other healthcare workers. Beeben freely offers his time and experience to educate and inform all interested parties in the benefits and effectiveness of light therapy.


Dr. Joe Ford's specialization in sports medicine has led to developing treatment protocols for numerous types of sports injuries.  Combining traditional medical treatment with a full spectrum of conservative treatments, including chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition and exercise which prompts athletes from around the country to seek his expertise.

Dr. Joe Ford provides chiropractic care for the Dallas Metroplex Striders Running Club, Baylor University Track & Field, The NFL New England Patriots; Atlanta Falcons; Arizona Cardinals; Cleveland Browns; Dallas Cowboys; Denver Broncos; Olympians; as well as numerous individual world-class and professional athletes.

With all this experience, Dr. Ford takes pride in treating all his patients as if they are world-class athletes.  Dr. Ford's goal is to compliment traditional medicine, not replace it.  This approach has earned the respect of physicians in all specialties and the appreciation of all his patients.