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Do you strive to offer the best clinical outcomes possible for your patients?

Russell Distribution Inc. establishes partnerships with existing clinics to aid clinical outcomes, performance, marketing, and business opportunities

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Drug-Free Non-Invasive Approach

Using published peer reviewed studies, we have the leading provable outcomes for our doctors patients. No one has better clinical success and higher documented patient outcomes

Drug-Free Protocols that treat symptomatic issues by addressing underlying issues. Prescription drugs aren’t the best solutions if you have a patient who is dealing with pain. In fact, many of them simply mask the discomfort.



The most attractive thing about Russell Distribution is our no BS partnership. We charge no consulting fees, no ongoing membership fees, no inventory purchasing, and best of all - our success is completely reliant upon yours!

Through strategic partnerships we offer different services related to specific niche add on protocols to any clinic. Our goal is to use our many years of accumulated resources to help improve your clinical process and total outcome, more than just your patients!

Reflexology Therapy


97% of Patients reported improved foot sensation

92% of patients reported less foot and  leg pain

90% of patients reported increases in balance and reduced risk of falls

Ongoing home treatments provides  lasting benefit

    - Improved balance

    - Fewer falls

    - Pain reduction

    - Improved activities of daily living


90 % of patients obtained pain relief  

90 % of patients improved their lower  extremity function

- Improved balance

    - Fewer falls

    - Pain reduction

    - Improved activities of daily living

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Our Products and Services are so advanced and groundbreaking they have unique market positioning that allows you to dominate your local market.


Automating any business to extract more performance is critical to any business and their scalability. We offer a turn key solution that a truly a business in a box that's guaranteed to allow any doctor to work less, obtain better patient outcomes, while collecting more!



"I started with Therapy 3 1/2 years ago. I have Neuropathy in both feet, hands and legs. I was the worst case that my local provider (edited for privacy) had ever seen, and the best results. I have a machine and use it every other day walking, touching, and feeling. Thank you for giving me back a large part of my life. I am 100% better because of your product and having the ability to move about like a normal person without pain. 4 years ago I was crawling and using a scooter to be mobile, and now I can do anything that anyone else can do, even wear flip flops. There are no stronger testimonials than living proof."  J.F. (Reno, NV)

J.F. (Reno, NV)

"I wanted to tell you my story. Thank you for giving me the oppotunity to have been almost pain free for months. Last year my neurologist recommended Therapy. I am 50 years old. I have peripheral neuropathy. I started treatment not expecting much. Honestly I thought how could this possibly make any difference. Thank you for proving me wrong! After the therapy, my quality of living has increased by leaps and bounds. My pain was reduced by a good 75% to 80%. I stopped taking ALL pain meds and sleeping pills, and I no longer woke up every evening with electric type pain in my feet. I was so excited with the dramatic results." K.B. (Pipe Creek, TX)

Kenneth Burns (Pipe Creek, TX)

I have to tell you my story about how the Home System that has helped my neuropathy. I am a senior and I couldn't stand the bedcovers on my feet. I would cry at night because it hurt so much. I was walking with a cane and couldn't drive. I tried everything from pain medications to magnets, and still I couldn't sleep through the night. I had to stop using some of the medications because of the side-effects. Using Anodyne has been a miracle to me. The pain is gone and I am sleeping through the night again. I am no longer using a cane to walk and I have started driving again! I feel like I have my life back. Last month, I even went on a cruise! I feel so blessed to have found Anodyne Therapy, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has neuropathic pain that is affecting their quality of life." R.B. (Seminole, FL)

Sandy Williams



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